Steel wire armoured cable BS 7846 – MGT

In applications where circuit integrity is of utmost importance and power supply to equipment is to be maintained during fire, we offer a robust fire resistant wiring system which in addition to maintaining circuit integrity during fire, produces very low levels of smoke and almost no acidic emissions (< 0.1%) thus safeguarding human life and protecting vital equipment.

The Fire Resistant FP armoured cables are manufactured from specially formulated Low Smoke and Zero Halogen Compounds and the cables comply to BS 7846 Category F2 type and are certified by Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) and also satisfy the CWZ requirements of BS 6387.

All cables outlined in this section comply with the requirements of BS 7846-F2 and BS 6387 CWZ.

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Note: Please follow manufacturer datasheets and guidelines for cable usage and installation.

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