Panel Wire type HO5V-K, HO7V-K UL approved

UL-recognised (AWM) + CSA AWM I A/B + H05V-K, tinned-copper strands Lapp Kabel® MULTI-STANDARD SC 1, power and control cable, PVC single core, UL-recognized/UL AWM style 1007+1569 & CSA AWM I A/B +105 °C/300 V, HAR H05V-K

USA: UL-listed (MTW), Canada: CSA (TEW), Europe: H07V-K (depending on cross s.), tin-coated strands Lapp Kabel® MULTI-STANDARD SC 2.1, power and control cable, PVC single core for field wiring, UL MTW VW-1, UL AWM style 1015 600 V, CSA TEW FT1, HAR H07V-K

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Note: Please follow manufacturer datasheets and guidelines for cable usage and installation.

Conductor Cross Section

0.5 mm², 0.75 mm², 1 mm²


Black, Blue, brown, dark blue, Green/Yellow, grey, orange, Red, violet, white, Yellow

Outer diameter | m/ring-m/box| Copper index | Weight

2.5mm | 3000m/box | 4.8kg/km | 9kg/km, 2.5mm | 100m/ring | 4.8kg/km | 9kg/km, 2.6mm | 2500m/box | 7.2kg/km | 12kg/km, 2.6mm | 100m/ring | 7.2kg/km | 12kg/km, 2.8mm | 2000m/box | 9.6kg/km | 15kg/km, 2.8mm | 100m/ring | 9.6kg/km | 15kg/km

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