The Faraday Cage concept is employed to protect the building in a lightning strike situation. In this concept, the entire building is taped on all sides in specific grids to provide preferential capture paths for the Lightning Strikes. When Lightning strikes any specific grid, it is taken down to ground in the quickest time to prevent damage.

The Passive lightning protection system thus is a combination of air terminals and copper tapes, combined with a quick and easy path to ground. In addition to this, the usage of surge protection devices ensures that the potential damage that could be caused to electrical and electronic devices within structures, is eliminated.


The Early Streamer Emission or Active Capture Head system, the concept is based on the presence of an upward streamer that goes up from ground to meet the downward streamer. This creates a continuous path to earth thereby allowing the Lightning current to be discharged to ground, in quick time.

The ESE capture head equipped with an electronic device that generates a high voltage under storm conditions. This ionizes the air in the vicinity of the ESE device, as a result of which positive and negative ions are present in the area. When the field increases during storm conditions, and increased wind load on the ESE device, the presence of ionized air attracts the downward streamer towards the ESE device.

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