Device terminal blocks with screw connection

The G and GE device terminal blocks feature the universal screw connection technology for connecting flexible and rigid conductors. The screw connection is maintenance-free due to the patented Reakdyn principle. In addition to the use of splicing protection in the form of ferrules, the screw connection also enables multi-conductor connections in just one terminal point. In contrast to the FIX distribution blocks, the terminal points of the device terminal blocks are not bridged with each other. The GE 10/2-BA BU block is the exception. The other device connection blocks thus carry individual potentials next to each other. Manual bridging is also not feasible here, as the blocks do not have a special function shaft due to their compact design. The device connection blocks are available in nominal cross-sections of 4, 10, and 35 mm². Depending on the cross-section, the block versions have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 12 positions. The device blocks can only be mounted using direct mounting, i.e., screwed onto a mounting plate, for example. The individual blocks can be tested quickly and easily via the terminal screws.

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